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About Clubhouse Territory

Clubhouse Territory is an incorporated, local, not-for-profit organisation, established in 2013. We have developed a reputation for being the strongest advocate and supporter of Inclusion in the Northern Territory, a title we are super proud of.


We are passionate about inclusion and providing initiatives to the community within the five key themes of sports participation, the arts, health, education and social inclusion.

In support of inclusion, we are now opening our services up to NDIS participants, their families and their carers. Our objectives, values and mission still remain: To promote and inspire inclusivity, establishing a genuinely inclusive community.


The broad objectives of the Clubhouse Project are to:

  • increase participation & involvement in all aspects of the community

  • create a greater sense of health & wellbeing

  • build access & inclusion for people with disabilities

  • improve self-worth & sense of achievement

  • provide training & employment

  • create a sense of community

  • provide support & education

  • encourage & establish collaborations & partnerships

The How!

​We aim to achieve this through a variety of regular and one off events and services which include;

  • the Be-Inclusive Games

  • NDIS Services including helping people with a disability access the community

  • sport focused and interactive disability awareness training for school aged children and corporate teams

  • student led inclusive events

  • event and service collaborations between local community, government organisations and departments in areas including mental health, disability, student support programs and services, health, be-active programs and local sporting activities

  • attendance at, and support for local community events, organisations and programs

We believe every person, regardless of age or ability, should have the opportunity to participate in the community.

Our Mission

Our Mission

To provide regular opportunities for people of all ages and abilities to participate in all aspects of life, building a happier, healthier and more inclusive community.

Hand Pile of Happy Group
Para-athletes Doing Fist Bump

Our Vision

To promote and inspire inclusivity, establishing a genuinely inclusive community.

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