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The Clubhouse Collective

Clubhouse Collective Logo.png

The ‘Clubhouse Collective’ is a partnership and mutually beneficial collaboration between a wide range of like minded community groups, local businesses, sporting organisations, including local Councils, NTG programs and departments.

Our Community Partners

Our Sporting Partners

Not-for-profit organisations in the ‘Collective’ receive support, marketing exposure and discounts from Clubhouse Territory in a number of areas including, but not limited to:

  • invites to Clubhouse Territory events, workshops and collaborative events

  • inclusion of stories, news and updates in our monthly newsletter

  • discounted services from Clubhouse Territory

  • regular and ongoing promotion through our marketing campaigns and products including Facebook, flyers, radio advertising, website, event and workshop advertising materials and more


For profit organisations can also join the Clubhouse Collective, ask us how!

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